Authors’ Favorites: Edgar Allen Poe

When I was a child, my father shared with me his copy of Edgar Allen Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination.

What I did not know then was that he shared with me far more than a book; he shared with me a lifelong love of literature and storytelling. Without a doubt, this work of brilliant fiction crafted my literary consciousness more so than any other work. Poe’s poetic artistry, combined with his innate understanding of the macabre gave me insights into the human condition that chilled me to the very marrow of my bones.

D.W. and I have often spoken of our literary influences, as writers tend to do, and always I am quick to bring Poe into the conversation. I sometimes wonder if his striking prose and penchant for the verbose would be as well received today were he a contemporary author? Ultimately, I think brilliance is brilliance. Given enough time, every rose will emerge to blossom in the sun.

A tortured soul, a restless quill. These are the tools of genius. ~ Mama Weaver

Who are your most influential authors?

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