Caiya’s Blog: Favorites


What are your favorites? In worlds like Necromancers’ Pride, there are weapons, tons of awesome characters, awe-inspiring places, supreme magic, and tons of fighting. What are your favorites in terms of:

• Weapons
• Characters (hero, villain, or pedestrian)
• Places (could be in the real world or fake) • Magic
• Fighting style
• Clothing (alb, dress, nice pants…)

You don’t need to answer, but it would be great if you would! Just some questions to think about… Here are mine:


• scimitar
• Villain
• Places with water and full of life (beach/mountainous regions) • I think it would be cool to control the elements
• I think I would be good with the element of surprise
• Something powerful looking

I personally think that those things are important to know: who you are…. And perhaps if you can survive in a zombie apocalypse… Just saying!

Anyway… See you next time! Stay posted!


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