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Hey guys!

Today, I want to show you a post that demonstrates how tired I am right now. It’s a complex potion that makes the drinker (or person it was splashed on) drowsy and asleep for the desired amount of time (it depends in the amount of ingredients made with the potion).

Here’s the recipe for Slumberhitis Vįncrėtus:

-Basilisk fang
-Page 829 from the only copy of “Ancient Book of Crypts, Spells, and Potions” by Yoriander Lithaniel.
-one of the Berbeaurï’s 12 eyes
-6 suno leaves of Lyndria.
-10 droplets of the waters of Hyudriala in the Caves of Guiltauri
-Rare diamond Ouidiju
-exactly 36 winters and 12.5 days old shell of Jintashi Tortoise

*put in pure gold-jskili pot of 819°

Only one Magus has made this, and his beloved pet got splashed with it and was put into a slumber from which it could not be awakened. The Magus locked the vial away where only the “Chosen One” could find. This powerful Magus knew of the curse to keep it hidden, only to be found by the “Chosen One”. The Magus was the last one to know of the identity of the “Chosen One”.


There you go. It takes a while for someone to sleep as long as time persists with no disturbances.

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