Caiya’s Blog: Rose’s Story (Part II)

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Hey guys! Sorry to keep you in suspense, but I finally thunk you are ready for Part Two of Dolathia’s story.

Ready? Here we go! *********************************

3 hours later, after I read and reread the note that came with the girl– Rose, I should say, woke up. Finally.

“Huh?” she says.

“Good, you’re up. Now–tell me what this means.” I shove the paper in her direction. “Who wrote this?” I say. I accidentally said it fiercer than I meant. Oh well.

“Wha…who are you?” she asks.

“Uhh…” I think of saying a snide remark, but I think better of it. “Uhem… You called me Dolthie, or maybe it was Dolly? Anyway, this note says you’re Rose and you have can tell me who wrote this letter.” I say and gesture to the letter.

“I do not recall,” she says and blows hair out of her face.
“Hm…” I mumble. “Must be the fall.”
“Hm?” she asks.
“Nothing. Do you remember anything to how you got here? And who sent you?” I ask. “No, but…” She smiles. “Maybe a little food can help me remember!”

“Ugh. Tell me now,” I say. Then I remember manners. “Please?”

“I’m huuuuuuungry,” she whines. She’s trying to milk it because I want her co-operation.

“Fine. But I don’t usually say please, so, this is a special food occasion.” I say.

I stick my tongue out and open my pack. I have dried berries and dried strips of fish. I give her a few of each. I give her some of my water out of my water-skin.

After she finishes eating, I say sternly, “Tell. Me. Now.”

“Fine, fine. Stuff may be coming back,” Rose says. “Your father gave this to me before I… Left. From our hometown. I have traveled far, looking for you, Dolly. You traveled the likes of Tarune. I have completed my quest, I must go. Bye.”

“Woah, woah, woah.” I say. “You’re just leaving me?”
“Yup,” she says. Then she goes to the skirt of the trees and whistles.

I chuckle and call out, “Nothing’s gonna happen, you know.”

All of a sudden, a huge bird-horse-like thing swoops down and grabs her, and puts her onto it’s wings.

“Bye, Dolly. See you soon,” she calls down. “Thanks for the food. I’ll pay you back later.”

I feel like that may be the last time I see her. I wonder what she will lay me back in… ***************************
Yay! The end! How was that, un-suspenser? I just created a new word. Awesome. Anyway, stay posted!


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