Changing Day

So…what’s new?

Change is everywhere. Change is to be expected. Change…is the only constant in life. We move on, we adapt, we overcome. Today, we move forward.

In the world of Tarune, the world in which the epic of The Shield of Destiny takes place, changing conditions are not only constant, they are mandatory. To keep interest, we must evolve and move forward. I’ll tell you what, that isn’t always easy.

As writers, D.W. and I have fought – in the best of ways, mind you – to create a world that is rich, diverse and most importantly, real. In so doing, we both have had to divorce ourselves from story arcs and paths that we thought would be best for the world, embracing instead mutual decisions to move onto different goals and distant horizons. The perfect example of that is illustrated in the very name under which we now move forward.

I say this to say that, change is necessary. In our lives, in our land, in the work we do and the art we create.

So, change is upon us. Let us embrace it, and make it amazing.

Here’s your quote of the day:

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

~Winston Churchill

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