Compromise and Collaboration


As I have been recently alluding, none to subtly, by the way, we are gearing for a huge surprise for all of our Priders out there. It will be a fantastic way to add to the world and allow you a more hands on opportunity to be involved with Necromancers’ Pride. As the time gets closer for the big Reveal, D.W. and I have been working diligently to make sure everything is as close to perfect as can be achieved.

To that end, we ran into a bit of a bump in the road that had to be ironed out in the development of two of our powerful female characters. I’d like to tell you it was a knock down, drag out affair, with both sides sustaining massive casualties until I, being right and just, finally vanquished my foe. That is just the bard and poet in me. Although, in point of fact, my victories would be absolute and flawless should the push come to the proverbial shove, but that’s beside the point.

To be honest, having worked together for so long, we did not argue or fight, but rather, worked to listen to the other to find a win-win scenario in dealing with the characters. To give you the specifics would be to disclose far more information on the big Reveal than we would like. Suffice to say, we had to find intelligent, purposeful and understanding compromise in order to maintain the best for the world.

I bring this up today because I want all of you who have shared with me that you are working to create your own art to know that compromise is essential in bringing your visions to life. Much of the artistic process involves a collaborative effort to bring the work to fruition and get it to consumers. In this social media age, when there are myriad platforms to get your message or vision across, you will have to, at some point, rely on the skillsets of others. That is not a bad thing and it does not sully the purity of the vision you have in your mind’s eye.

Everyone needs to work together to enrich the artistic community. Be it as a series of novels, an exhibit of photographs, a piece for the theatre, collection of songs or major motion picture, collaboration and cooperation are vital for the success of your projects.

Disclaimer: I know I have left out plenty of worthy art forms, but you get the idea.

Never be afraid to do what is best for your project. D.W. and I feel as though we have a great fix to our small bump, and from that bump will spring a mighty mountain. Perhaps we shall call it Elderstone.

What collaborations have enriched you the most?

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