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Today, a tale about a man who will be forever remembered as the one who cleansed sin.

As always, this story is added to the fiction and lore surrounding the world of Necromancers’ Pride and is not to be taken as canon.

Not too long ago, in the Green Vale, along the border of Medoic, lived a peaceful Weaver by the name of Darcon. He constantly meditated and conjured fantastic wind songs that would flutter within Tarune. He would also conjure positive wind messages and send them along the currents, bringing happiness to those who heard his message of love and peace. His mediation sessions were bolstered by assorted gems and crystals that conduct energy into a conduit that never stop the flow.

It was also said that he could even summon apparitions of long lost relatives, sending their ethereal message to the physical world. Many Weavers in his kith saw him as a threat due to his powerful connection to nature. They believed Weavers should not be involved with the power of the Magi, but other weavers saw him as a prophet destined to do great things. Darcon was also an active member of the community, helping the people of Medoic in whatever capacity he could.

In the distant Carg Vestis, a plot was being formulated to steal the energy from Darcon so that the Necromancers there might be as connected to the energy flow of the Magics as was he. The Necromancers in Crag Vestis had never attacked a Weaver, due to the Weavers’ Guild’s powerful network of informants and spies spread throughout Tarune, and were not sure if they should go through with the plan. They needed a quiet, stealthy plot to assassinate Darcon.

After months of preparation, the Necromancers finally had that plan. They decided the only way to strike at Darcon was from the inside. They enchanted a soul crystal to trap Darcon’s energy and life spark. Little did they know, Darcon knew they were coming.

As the Necromancer assassin was about to give Darcon the crystal, Darcon told him that he did not have to do this. Blinded by hunger for power and hatred, the Necromancer began manually trapping Darcon’s soul, but Darcon had a peaceful solution. He mustered all the power he could and conjured a wind bow that flowed with elegant grace and blushing flourishes of white and gold beams of purity. With one shot of the bow’s enchanted and pure arrows, he pierced the Necromancer’s soul and cleansed him of all of his evil with a blinding white gleam of magic. After that day, Darcon was never seen again. He had mysteriously vanished. Some say that the soul crystal did work, still others say he is now a hermit residing in the Green Vale. To this day, Weavers, Oracles, Battle Magi, and Healers vie to learn the bow spell that cleansed evil itself…

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