Jason’s Blog: Carnival Magic

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

I would like to take a break from the short story to get the community ready for the Carnival today.

With a plethora of activities at Carnival Encino this weekend, take in the sight of what the Carnival might uncover…

You’re walking through the vast and flooded vicinity of the Carnival with culture flourishing at every corner. You walk along the crowd and notice the band in the main platform playing their guitars and crashing down on their drums with elegant arm strokes. The music’s volume fills the empty gaps within the air, making them energized and full of life. You walk towards a booth due to your own curiosity, then, you feel the vibrant energy pulsing from the booth. It is a strange, yet comfortable and exhilarating magical field that immerses you into a magical world of fantasy and adventure. Then, you feel the Pride.

That’s all for this blog! I hope to see everyone at the event! I am looking forward to interacting with my fellow Priders! See ya this weekend!

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