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Mountain Tribes: Clan Pahnox

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Disclaimer: As with all of my content I submit to shieldofdestiny.com, they are all fictional. They are to add to a fictional, extended universe like quality to the diverse world of Necromancers’ Pride. Wouldn’t be neat if these things were to exist?

Last week was the conclusion of a series I like to call “Paranormal Occurrences.” This week is something completely different!

Introducing, Clan Pahnox!

Like the other clans in the Nortgard (Mordgar, Delgar, and Stoygar), Clan Pahnox is unique in their rituals and ceremonies.

They first originated from an ancient people long ago with the same name. In contrast to Clan Pahnox, these ancient people practiced meditation and peace of mind while also sharpening their physical capabilities too. They practiced Dee Sarpo. Clan Pahnox inherited the name through what they believe the original tribes should have become, savage, with no moral customs. This is how the Clan lives everyday life in the Nortgard Mountains.

This clan does not partake in the gril’dok’ethere. This clan is one of the more non-placid mountain tribes. Yes, the other clans have savage tendencies, but they don’t follow the other traditions of the three clans. They primarily work on survival skills to fortify their endeavors in the rugged Nortgard. They have a vapid lifestyle regarding culture and customs. They are a savage group who believe the other Clans are too weak creating alliances with one another rather than their idea of “survival of the fittest”.

The Clan has the notorious nickname of “The Hunters”. Every sundown, the strongest tribesmen and women embark on a mission in the dense Nortgard Forest. They undulate through the forest searching for the perfect Banderghal to symbolize their separation from the original three clans.

Clan Pahnox, what do you guys think about them? Let me know in the comments!!

As always, see ya next week!!

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