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Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

I decided to have a little bit of un this week, heres the backstory.

Recently I have been following the NBA Playoffs, and I had no idea what to do my blog on this week, until it hit me. Sports! Today I’d like to talk about the Sport: Griffoxball.

DISCLAIMER: As with all my blogs, these are just my fictional creations to add to the layers of fantasy that is the world of Necromancers’ Pride. If I were to create something in the world, it would be this. They don’t really exist…but wouldn’t it be neat if they did?

How does one play Griffoxball? Its simple!

You have two periods. The length of the periods are determined by a sundial on the top of the arena. The objective of the game is to score as many goals as you can. This is set up by having an offense and a defense. Each side has five minutes to prepare before the start of each period. The offense sets up three movable catapults that are loaded with leather balls to attempt to score on the enemy goals. The defense sets up three, one time moveable strategic goal placements for the offense to attempt to score on. Each of the three have to be within a tow point area, a three point area, and a four point area. The defense’s objective is to reject the other team’s attack by shooting the leather balls out of the air with a bow and arrow.

Teams recruit the best of the best marksmen in the draft after every season from either young, retired soldiers in the army, or from people who voluntarily devote their life to Griffoxball.

With the rules placed and the player selection clarified, what are the teams?

There are four divisions in Griffoxball, the NGC(Northern Griffoxball Conference) and SGC(Southern Griffoxball Conference). Here are the teams in the divisions:


Talustrian Isle Waves

Aldaran Banderghals

Vost Sparrows

Morilan Ivories

Sorilan Shields



Devgard Tridents

Therid Oslyns

Canodrian Warriors

Medoic Spell casters

Daldran Bandits

I am a huge sports fan, so I had a blast creating this sport!

As always everyone, see ya next week! Go Tridents!

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