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Weavers: Wind Messengers


Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

I was pondering what I should write about this week for the blog over the last weekend. The winds were howling ferociously keeping me awake. Then, it hit me… The Weavers! Who are they? Well,

The Weavers are the news channels of Tarune. They inform the public about current affairs in everyday life. They command the wind magics and communicate over hundreds of miles to “spread the word” about the happenings in Tarune. They sing melodious songs to depict these stories. But they aren’t the common Bards in taverns looking for extra coin, they have great power with the higher nobility of the Kings and Queens of Tarune. Some Weavers even hold positions in the courts of the leaders of the countries.

The Weavers guild also adopted it own hierarchy of Weavers. Leader of the Weavers is one whom they call, “The Great Muse.” He or she must have the greatest voice in all of Tarune to instruct them of their duties. Next are the Herrods of the First Order. These Herrods hold council with The Great Muse to discuss the news. You have four First Order Herrods. Gascon, Herrod of the North, Mara, Herrod of the East, her sister, Zara, Herrod of the South, and Pelvil, Herrod of the West. Next are the Herrods of the Second and Third Order to do everything else like negotiate and accompany war generals on military campaigns, and to relay the news about war.

Their wind songs can be heard over hundreds if not thousands of miles. They gather energy emitted from Tarune and convert it into song transporting messages through the wind.

Weavers are cool. They are my next favorite group below the Oslyns from last week. As always, you can read about one Weaver in particular, Gascon, and his, well… I don’t want to spoil it…

Read about Gascon and his Weaver accomplices by buying your copies today!

See ya next week!

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