Jason’s Blog: Where do you find your peace?

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today I’d like to talk about something peaceful, something majestic, and something glorious. Nature.


Imagine yourself in a small clearing out in a thick and dense forest. The wildlife vibrates with energy that makes you feel like you are one with them. The branches on the big edifice-like trees stretch out across the sky as an eagle does while he is soaring across the light blue canvas of the sky. The transparent leaves on the tips of the branches flow elegantly in a small gust of wind. The monotone whisper of a crashing waterfall is heard in the distance, with calming intent. The universe is beautiful is it not? It embosoms you with vibrant and unexplainably energetic emotions that coarse through your life spark deep within your soul. When you realize this, then you too can become one with the mysterious and magnificent body that has created us.  It is as if our bodies are a threshold to the undiscovered, the paradox that lives within every mass of life. It is your decision to use this strange and mystical power for good or evil, right or wrong, positivity or negativity. The way that you view nature is in your hands. Do you feel threatened? Or do you fell enlightened by the universe giving us complex, but insightful ways of learning for our own growth?  Embrace the calm and insightful character of nature.

I bring you this passage because transcendentalist writer Ralph Waldo Emerson has inspired me to pass on his message about the wonder of nature. Thank you everyone and I’ll see ya next week!

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