Jason’s Blog: The Choking Creepers

Botany: The Choking Creepers


 Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Today I would like to go off on a tangent from the reoccurring themes of the last four weeks.

Lets discuss the interesting carnivorous plant, the Choking Creepers.

Basic anatomy of these simplistic creatures is their mangled vines interlocked. Inside the vines are one channel that keeps them alive and blood pumping. Organs including a heart, and salivary glands to help them digest captured prey.

Similar to the Venus Fly trap, the Choking Creeper feeds off anything that has any compound of meat. The plant lives in one tangled vine that acts as one organism. They dwell in darker areas. Yes, they are plants, but they don’t rely on photosynthesis to keep then alive, they eat insects, and even animals and humans. They absorb the nutrients out of the organism, this is how the Choking Creeper survives. These plants are simply carnivores.

On their trek to the mystical Mount Elderstone, Corwyn and Velladriana encounter the dangerous plant traversing through the wicked Jundin’s Pass, dodging clutching vines of the Choking Creeper. The Coking Creepers indeed had a nice dinner, but Corwyn and Velladriana were not on the menu.

You can learn more about the vast variety of animals of Tarune whilst reading Necromancers’ Pride!

As always, see ya next week!

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