Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Shadow Dominion


Spells: Shadow Dominion

Strand: Necromantic

School: Soul

Primary component minerals: Bone, ash, clay, limestone, pumice 

Application: Coercion, Domination and Control

Shadow Dominion has several applications, key among them being the domination, commandment and enslavement of the mighty undead creatures known as Shades. In life, Shades were malicious and evil humans whose vile ways earned them dark recompense in the planes beyond the mortal realm. Normally Magi of some kind, the Shades’ dealings in the various Strands of the Magics gave their souls more buoyancy, thus allowing them to transition into these dark, powerful entities. Appearing on this plane like dark, shadowy figures, Shades haunt graveyards, long abandoned battlefields, ruined keeps and other desolate parts of the world.

In order to gain dominion over a Shade, a Necromantic Magus must exhibit the requisite skill in control and possession of beings. The Necromancer must have an extremely strong will and desire to dominate. Any weakness in the Necromancer’s intent will lead to a horrible and grizzly demise at the hands of the Shade being sought to dominate. As with every Strand of the Magics, there are many specialties in Necromancy, and not all Necromancers are equipped or skilled enough to attempt this spell.

First, the Necromancer must draw runes of protection along the ground and walls of the place chosen to call forth the Shade from the planes beyond. Because it is a dangerous practice, the location is usually out of the way and isolated. The runes are a defensive talisman, and are drawn using ash made from the ground bones of the type of spirit attempting to be conjured.

Note: it is possible to summon Shades of creatures that are not human in nature, but their bones and some form of remains are necessary for the summoning.

A high deposit of limestone near the location is best for enhancing the types of magics being summoned. Pumice is burned to tie the summoned spirit to the soul of the Necromancer making the call. The time for such a conjuring can vary greatly. If one soul is summoned, and the Magus is powerful, it can take mere minutes after the warding runes are in place. If multiple souls are summoned, or the particular soul is very powerful, the summoning incantations can take several hours.

A large price is exacted from the Necromancer casting the spell, as a part of their soul is requisite for the dominance over the Shade. The Necromantic Rot, or decaying of living flesh as a result of usage of Necromantic Magics, is accelerated as a result of this powerful conjuring. Currently, only two Necromancers in all of the known realms are thought to have complete and total mastery of this mighty spell casting: Lord Cartigas himself, of course, and the Mistress Niantha. Other Necromancers can summon Shades, but their control over their charges is tenuous at best, and is a constant struggle to be maintained.

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