Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Spiritual Whip


Spell: Spiritual Whip

Strand: Necromantic

School: Soul

Primary component minerals: Onyx intensifies effect, but unnecessary in spell casting 

Application: Temporal flagellation 

This spell is one of the more vicious in the Necromantic arsenal. A spell that has no application other than to cause suffering and torture, the Spiritual Whip is meant to to be a tool of fear and intimidation. Only the strongest Necromancers can summon the soul force necessary to wield the mighty magics the spell invokes. It’s introduced to the neophytes to teach them pain and the true cost of their commitment to the School of the Soul.

The spell draws energy, it exacts a painful price, as the creation of the whip tears into the very fabric of the spirit of the spell caster. When conjured, the Spiritual Whip spell creates what appears to be a whip of black smoke from the spell caster’s hand. The whip itself can extend as far as 20 to 25 feet.

Upon impact, the whip does not lacerate flesh, but rather, tears into the soul itself. The harder the lashes, the more days, months, and even years can be taken from the person being struck. That is the true terror of the Spiritual Whip. Men and women in the prime of their life have entered the torture chamber at dawn, to emerge decrepit and elderly at dusk. The Spirit Whip is right to be feared.

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