Old Sayings and Giving Thanks

Another day, another blogger … as the old saying goes. At least, I think it is an old saying. Maybe I just heard an old person saying it once. Anyway, it is true. The great thing about new media is that everyone can get their message out there. The daunting thing about new media is that everyone can get their message out there. The subtle irony is not lost on me. As I look out onto a rare cloudy Los Angeles sky, I realize just how great a thing it really is.

I can send my message to the people. The people can send their messages back. Together we can raise the universal social consciousness and bring about a heightened awareness that will usher in a new collective mindset and gloriously harmonious world! Anyone?… Anyone? Ok, maybe that was reaching a bit. However, I still think it is cool that we have a platform to share our feelings with each other.

To that end, some of the feelings I want to share are gratitude and thanks. In this world, it seems to me, too few people take a moment to say thank you. Want an example? Stand in front of any public building and hold the door open for people coming in and out. Sometimes you feel like nothing more meaningful than a fart in the wind. Now, I don’t ever hold the door open looking for thanks. I do it because it makes me feel good to be nice to people. But, come on, a little common courtesy isn’t too much to expect, is it?

That having been said, we want to thank some of those people who have made it possible for us to be here sharing with you. First, we definitely want to thank K. Elle Collier http://kellecollier.com/about/blog/ for sharing her knowledge and getting us started on this wonderful adventure. Your wisdom and energy are a blessing. We want to thank Kristen Lamb and her blog http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/ for all the tips she has given us along the way in the creation of our blog. We want to thank Bob Mayer http://writeitforward.wordpress.com/ for helping us create a solid story and business plan for success. We’ve got our Kernel idea right here, Bob! We would like to thank David Hayter https://twitter.com/DavidBHayter for teaching us about structure and the three act story. If we didn’t learn it right, we have only you to blame. We want to thank Jennifer P, Ben F, Crystal C, David S, Margie B, Chef J, Cory T and Joshua R, for giving great notes as beta readers. Their suggestions were vital for moving us forward. Thank you all. We want to thank our friends Chris Perdigao and Omar K. Mills for being quality control for the Necromancers’ Pride world. Two great guys that been with us from the beginning and keep us focus on telling a great story. We would like to thank our parents for making us, our significant others for putting up with us, and our kids for motivating us.

Whew! Now I feel better. I know there are lots of other people to thank but, just like an Oscar speech, too much of that and you’re just waiting for the music to cue up and the mic to go dead. So before my mic goes dead I want to leave you the reader with this:

You gave me your TIME the most thoughtful GIFT of all.



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