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You never know when lightning will strike. You never know when that one twist of fate will send you careening, no … dare I say slamming, yes … slamming full force into your destiny like a hurricane making landfall. Life is full of moments that are defined by the initiative of that second, by the conviction of that instance. Those seconds resound throughout our lives, and rightly or wrongly, it is in those flash moments that our futures are shaped.

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Life is full of watershed moments. Usually, they don’t seem all that special when they are happening. Even the most trivial, the most mundane seeming of choices can prove to be the greatest, most defining of our lives. I’ll give you an example. When D.W. and I first met, there was no way in the world I thought we would ever be writing partners (mainly because he couldn’t write himself a grocery list, much less a novel, but, that is a story for another time). Suffice to say, I took pity on this poor, illiterate whelp and showed him the ropes. We started off slowly, at first, “See spot run. See D.W. write. Write D.W. write,” that sort of thing. Soon enough, though, he could make paragraphs. I still look on that day with tearful, beaming pride. He was all growed up.

Now, he is a prolific writer, and in terms of his skill as pertains to developing stories and plot lines, I honestly feel he is without peer. So you see, where would he be had I not taken him in? Wait … that’s not quite the point. Oh, yes, found it again. The point is; there are times when you have to be bold and seize the moment, because you never know which moment will be the one that changes your life.

Disclaimer: D.W. might well remember the development of our working partnership a bit differently. However, history was written by the victors, and blogs are written by the guy on the keyboard. Yes, I know that last statement was written in passive voice. It adds to the effect. So, there you go, history according to Charles.

Always take a chance. No moment is ever a small one if you feel in your heart of hearts that there is an opportunity there for you.

What moments changed your life? What decisions did you make that led to something amazing?

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