Did you see who had FUN at the Carnival?

Our live event was absolutely fantastic! Or, as D.W. would say, it was off the chains! I really need to work with him on his vernacular, but in this instance, he is 100% correct!

This weekend was OFF THE CHAINS!

Well said, D.W. Well said, indeed.


I am so proud to tell you that we SOLD OUT of all the books we brought! And let me tell you, we brought A LOT! Along with them, the snapback hats, beanies and t-shirts sold like liquid gold.You heard correctly, Priders, the world of Necromancers’ Pride is growing.

Pridewear was in full effect and if you look closely, you’ll see some of the specialty pieces that we will be introducing down the line.

Booth Instagram pics1 Booth Instagram Pics2PicCollage

As you can see by all the photos, the kids had fun, the adults had FUN, and we had the opportunity to meet all those wonderful people. Thank you to everyone who took the time to stop by. Special thanks, love and appreciationĀ to Erin McClure, Jen Alvarez, Jeanne Huchting and the amazing volunteers and faculty at Our Lady of Grace. The carnival could not have been better.

What styles do you see that are your favorites? What styles and color combos would you like to see?

This is your world. Share with us.



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