Short, Sweet and to the Point

Season’s greetings, everyone. Hopefully, you’ve gotten all of your shopping done. If not, well … get on out there and brave that cutthroat world of holiday mall shoppers. Since ’tis the season to be jolly (and unbelievably busy), I will be brief.

You see, sometimes bigger is not better. Sometimes, getting to the point quickly is the best way to go. Listen, as writers, D.W. and I can wax nostalgic on just about any topic for any length of time we choose. Indeed, I often live my life by the motto:

“Why say something in five words when 50 will do.”

That was the mistaken mindset I had when we finished the first draft of Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone. Our first version had a lot to it that could be streamlined. ¬†We had to refine and cut away what we may have felt was great, but what did not truly move the story forward. We had to consider what information was absolutely vital that needed to be told. It goes without saying that our biggest concern was what our readers would think. So we toiled, streamlining that manuscript down to a svelte word count, and guess what? It is a far better story for having been cut down.

So the lesson, dear friends, is that bigger does not always mean better, especially in writing.


Now, go out and prepare yourself for a Merry Christmas. If you do not celebrate Christmas, then go out there and have the best December 25th Day you can have. We wish you all the best.

When has smaller proved to be better in your life? How can you streamline and tighten your creative process?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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