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Creatures of Tarune

In the realms of fantasy, there are many fantastic creatures. Some are benign, some are diabolic. Encounter one of the mystical beasts that inhabits the world of Tarune. You have met one in the pages of Necromancers’ Pride. Learn a bit more about the mystical griffox. How did you like your encounter? This is your community. Share with […]

Caiya’s Blog: The Tollemachi

The Tollemachi Hey guys! Today, I am showing you a new species (made from my imagination) for the world of Tarune: the Tollemachi. The Tollemachi are wolf-like creatures that rome the Nortgard Mountains. <>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<<>><<>><>< Name: Tollemachi Habitat: Mountainous, lots of ground cover, water source Region: Nortgard Mountains Physical characteristics: torso (8-10 ft at the shoulder), […]

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Shadow Dominion

Spells: Shadow Dominion Strand: Necromantic School: Soul Primary component minerals: Bone, ash, clay, limestone, pumice  Application: Coercion, Domination and Control Shadow Dominion has several applications, key among them being the domination, commandment and enslavement of the mighty undead creatures known as Shades. In life, Shades were malicious and evil humans whose vile ways earned them dark recompense in […]

Caiya’s Blog: The Nelthottolk

Hey guys! I had an amazing time at Catalina Island last week, and instead of continue a post from 2 weeks ago (I know, that’s a long time! Sorry to keep you waiting!) I want to pounce on my idea of a creature off the coast of the Talustrian Isles in Tarune. Ready? Here it […]

Creatures of Tarune

Mysterious creatures abound in the pages of fantasy fiction. Literature is full of fanciful creations that both frighten and amaze. On Earth, dragons, dwarfs, pixies and elves, to name but a few, have stories told about them that are legend. They are creatures oft spoken of, yet never seen (at least, I have unfortunately not […]