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Tips for Motivated Dreaming

Staying motivated is a tough prospect, sometimes. We all want success, but when it doesn’t come on our timeline, we tend to get very discouraged. It is in those moments of discouragement that we must keep going. It is in those moments that the true seeds for success are planted and take root. Baseball has […]

Ambition Thursday: LIVE EVENT – Carnival Encino at Our Lady of Grace

Thursday is my day to motivate,┬áPriders. With words, images and messages, I want to inspire. Well, now I am inspired to tell you we have a LIVE EVENT coming up this weekend! So, before I give you the stats of the event, I want to give you some words of motivation from one of my […]

What’s your ‘This Year’s Resolution?’

And … we’re back. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. If you survived Black Friday, I hope the deals you got were certainly worth it. There was lots of great football to watch over the course of the weekend. You have to love rivalry week. If you are a fan, I hope […]