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Check out these MUST HAVE Black Friday deals!

Deals galore! Weapons and More! It is Tarunian Black Friday! Come and get your choice of the latest daggers, crossbows and more before the Necromancers come and scoop them all up. The prices are so hard to resist, even the undead are popping up to get in on the action. Just in time for the […]

Jason’s Blog: The Whisperers

Cult Followers: The Whisperers Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! If I were to create a cult in the vast and diverse world of Tarune, I’d want to make it as creepy as possible. He he he… Meet The Whisperers. These demented, zealous cult members strive to convert people to Necromantic worship. This cult originated in Aldara and […]

Magic does exist … dammit!

There are all sorts of magic in the world. The magic of a first kiss. The magic of hearing your child cry for the first time. There is magic in giving selflessly of yourself to others. Magic is a wonderful thing that ignites creativity, inspires greatness and sows the seeds of perpetual inventiveness in all […]