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Our FAVORITE fantasy weapons!

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Today I have special guest Ryan Kramer with me to discuss our favorite weapons in the world of fantasy! Enjoy! Thanks again, Ryan. What did you think? This is your community. Share with us and don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Mystical Forging

Spells: Mystical Forging Strand: Battle Magi School: Weapon Master Primary component minerals: Steel, granite, ruby, quartz Application: Weapons Process: Spell casting can take from one afternoon to an entire week, stopping only for short periods of rest of no more than fifteen minutes, depending on the complexity of the weapon being forged. The forge must […]


  Height: 5’9″ Weight: 247 lbs. Birthplace: Nortgard Mountains, Aldara Preferred Weapon: Enchanted Hammer/Spell casting Preferred Spell: Mystical Forging/Weapon Enchantment The Strand of the Magics known as the Battle Magi is broken down into two distinct sects: the Warrior Conjurors – those Magi gifted with the ability to evoke powerful spells of destructive force, and the Weapon Masters […]

Caiya’s Blog: Favorites

Favorites What are your favorites? In worlds like Necromancers’ Pride, there are weapons, tons of awesome characters, awe-inspiring places, supreme magic, and tons of fighting. What are your favorites in terms of: • Weapons • Characters (hero, villain, or pedestrian) • Places (could be in the real world or fake) • Magic • Fighting style […]


Laycindial Height: 5’8″ Weight: 122 lbs. Birthplace: Nortgard Mountains, Aldara Preferred Weapon: Spell casting Preferred Spell: Prismatic Shield A descendent of Dandridin, Laycindial is a Magus of great power and wisdom. Gifted with extraordinary levels of ability, she is able to navigate the shadowy alter-world of the Median with a skill rare in this age. A master of transfiguration, […]