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Hello Everyone! Welcome Back!

Without further ado, lets jump into the finale of the Tale of the Shadow King!

Disclaimer: This story is meant solely as my fictional take on the history of the world of Necromancers’ Pride and is not to be taken as canon.


One week under the oppression of The Damned Spirits, many of the cult members noticed that Ki’Lou’s behavior had rapidly changed. He became increasingly sinister as the days progressed. One cult member invaded the personal quarters of Ki’Lou to investigate the suspicious behavior. The sight before him would be his last. Towering over Ki’Lou’s stagnant corpse was Karheem using a demented form of dark magic to posses the now dead Ki’Lou.

Ki’Lou’s body was in thrall of Karheem. It violently lashed out against all that it deemed a potential threat, killing cult members and other Magi alike. This was a power and soul hungry spirit.

Cornered and with no other options, The Damned Spirits turned to an Oracle splinter group to help them in taming the wild spirit. The Oracle’s grandmaster, Zet’Xi explained that controlling a demonic spirit of that magnitude would require all four strands of the magi to come together all at once and unleash a powerful spell that would banish the spirit to a realm like no other. Recruiting a Master Battle Magi and an Adept Healer, the cult used their newly acquired Necromantic powers and the Oracles used their advanced spells and charged the evil thrall.

The spell had worked. With the help of the other two strands, the thrall of Ki’Lou was destroyed and Karheem was banished. With strict orders from the Weaver’s Guild, The Damned Spirits were instructed to evacuate the city of Keldria and return the regime to the rightful heir. After this incident, the cult was never seen again. Some rumored that toward the dusk hours of the day, roaming the streets of Keldria, is the ghost of Ki’Lou looking for souls to haunt. Those who report seeing the ghost are said to be missing the next day…

There you go Priders! A ghost story of exponential size and danger! What did you think of the story? Let me know! As always everyone, see ya next time!

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