Tidbit Tuesdays: Up for fighting a god?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! In honor of my Tidbit Tuesday; here are some tidbits about Tuesdays.

1. The day of the week Tuesday is named after Tiw, the Norse god of single combat, victory and glory.

2. Tiw is associated with Mars, the Roman god of war, which is why the day is Mardi in French, Martes in Spanish and Martedi in Italian.

3. Californians have barbecues less often on Tuesday than any other day of the week.

4. Under the rules of the Gregorian calendar, Christmas Eve falls less often on a Tuesday than any other day of the week.

5. However, Christmas Day is more often on a Tuesday than any other day except Thursday. Hmmm…maybe we should have saved this one for Thoughtful Thursdays.

6. According to a survey in 2002, Tuesday is the most productive day of the week in the workplace.

So, what’s the takeaway? Well, if you’re going to go toe-to-toe with a Norse god, best to knock that out – or him out – on a Tuesday…especially if you are in California, since you’ll have so much extra free time, what with the lack of barbecuing and all. However, make sure that battle doesn’t take place on Christmas, which, odds are, it probably would. Never a good idea to fight a god on Christmas…I’m just saying. Now, go out and get things done at work today, people. We know you did in 2002, no reason to think that shouldn’t continue. Unless, of course, you are fighting a god or having a barbecue. If its the former, stick-and-move. If the latter, throw a shrimp on for me.

Feliz Martes!


Now, here’s your quote of the day:

Make today your masterpiece. 

~ John Wooden.

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