What strikes you as inspiring?

What inspires you to move forward? Inspiration is a matter of moments. That sudden, giddy rush of clarity that lets you see the next step in your plan is an amazing sensation. It needn’t be straightforward, either. Looking at a picturesque sunset at your favorite beach can unlock the doors to the perfect conclusion to your second act as easily as can hearing a cheesy 80’s power ballad (come on, you know ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ is like opening a window into the most intimate parts of your soul. Anyone…).

Anyway, inspiration takes us and crashes through us like a blast of electrical energy. When it does, we must move on it.


Too often, I have heard people inspired to act, moved to give voice to a dream or idea that they see as amazing, only to let that inspiration fade due to lack of effort, or even worse, to fear. Fear stifles inspiration, stamping it down and effectively suffocating it.

As the first day of this truncated week, we encourage everyone to get out there and allow yourselves to be inspired. Find what you love and move on it. If we can inspire you to do that, then we will have accomplished something special.

Necromancers’ Pride was created because we were inspired to live our dream. Were we afraid? At times, yes (D.W. would say I was far more than he, but I know the truth. Even if that statement might be right).

We are here now because we had the courage to be inspired. Don’t be afraid to let inspiration find you.

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you find it in the same places, or does it strike you out of nowhere?

This is you community. We want to hear from you.

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