Height: 5’10”, Weight: 139
Birthplace: Longshadow, Sorilan
Preferred Weapon: Bladed Spear
Preferred Spell: Weave of Holding

Bailia is a Magus of considerable skill. Adept at many different spells, she uses her skills as a conjurer to augment her considerable talents as a fighter. Not much is known about the city of her birth, Longshadow, other than it is within the cursed reach of the mysterious and deadly Wasting. To survive there, so close to the Great Rift, fighting is definitely requisite for survival.

            Bailia has always been independent. She has gotten used to bending the rules she deems unnecessary in order to suit her purposes. She is tough, opinionated and fiercely loyal to her cause.

            As a young Magus, she studied the writings and prophecies of famed Oracles such as Dandridin, learning at an early age the importance of standing against the dread forces seeking to oppress the world.

            She has read the signs; the darkness is growing in power. However, all the prophecies call for a savior she has yet to see. It is a savior she doubts even exists.