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Charles Carpenter & Ski-ter Jones

Like night and day, we are two uniquely different authors who came together to form what we feel is a dynamic writing team.

I, Charles, besides being a writer, am a martial artist who was born and reared in sunny Southern California. Yes, I am a rare native who was actually born here.  See, we do exist.

Growing up in Washington, D.C., I, Ski-ter, know about cold. I finally made it west to Los Angeles where I have lived for the past ??? years. So now, I know about sunny and warm.

We both agree … sunny is better.


As an avid lifelong reader, Charles has always dreamed of creating a world into which he could immerse himself and feel safe. Writing has given him an outlet that allows for expression behind the shield of different characters and places.

Stories of daring adventures and faraway places helped Ski-ter to avoid the pitfalls of the streets, inspiring him to dream bigger and reach farther. Those stories still inspire him today.

In joining forces, we have found the creative partnership and motivation to see our writing dreams manifest into reality.

She dances through the clouds, the messenger is she
A vision most pure, of thought and deed
She glides on the sky, swift and high
She laughs on the wind, the rain bears her cry
To her terrible goodness, the darkness must hide
And in doing will rouse the Mystical Pride.

The entire world of Tarune is about to face an enemy, which has never before been seen. With the peak of the 1000-year magical Caredon Cycle upon them, Lord Cartigas and his dark army battle against time as they plot to dominate all the Strands of the Magics and conquer the world of the living. Only in finding the PRIDE and fulfilling the ancient prophecy will their goal of domination be reached.

All this, as Velladriana Ral, a young slave from the distant land of Lyndria, has no idea of the mystical powers growing inside her that could mean the world’s salvation or its DOOM. Through a daring rescue by Corwyn Du’Serradyn, an Oslyn cadet from the Glass Tower, Velladriana escapes her tormentors. This sets the wheels in motion and their destinies are now intertwined as Corwyn finds himself unwittingly appointed to protect Velladriana. Being thrust into a quest far greater than either of them is truly prepared, they must make a long and treacherous journey in search of an enchanted destination called Mount Elderstone. Once there, they hope to find the answers they seek. But can Velladriana and Corwyn really trust the people they meet?

Come join the ADVENTURE, experience the MAGIC and feel the PRIDE.