Lord Cartigas

Height: 6’10”, Weight: 241 lbs.
Birthplace: Gren Vale, Daldra
Preferred Weapon: Spell casting
Preferred Spell: Black Fire/Soul Rot/Grimborn

The greatest among the Necromancers is Lord Cartigas. He was born in the beautiful woodlands of Gren Vale, in the kingdom of Daldra. His birthplace is where is connection to the living world ends. Discovering at a very young age that he had the Life Spark of the Magics, he felt the pull of Necromantic magics lead him to the School of the Soul.

            Having studied as a neophyte at the southern Necromantic keep Crag Vestis, his prowess, along with word of his skill, quickly grew among the dark Magi. He moved quickly up the hierarchy of the Necromancers. His ambition, raw power and skillful command of the dark arts marked him destined for greatness.

            He consolidated his power through deceit, treachery and sheer force of will, becoming the most powerful Necromancer on the planet. Some would say he became the most powerful Necromancer in all of history.

            His ambition has now shifted to brining a new age to the world of Tarune. He seeks to recreate humanity in his image by infusing the energy of life with that of death itself. To create this new, horrific world, he needs the Pride. He will use the full breadth of his considerable power to do just that. Nothing stops the mighty Lord of the Necromancers.