Corwyn Du’Serradyn

Height: 6’1″, Weight: 185 lbs.
Birthplace: Silverton, Aldara
Preferred Weapon: Enchanted hand-and-a-half sword ~ Taryn
Unique Ability: Heart’s Eye 

Corwyn is a northern from the kingdom of Aldara. Born in the small wilderness town of Silverton on the border of the mighty Nortgard Forest, Corwyn is no stranger to heartache. Having lost both of his parents at a young age, he and his younger brother, Alec, had a challenging childhood. As with all things in the Nortgard, only the hardiest souls survive…and survive they did.

            Corwyn’s life was forever changed when Corwyn turned 16 winters of age. On that day, he was taken from his home and sent far to the south, to the land of Therid and the mythic Glass Tower, to become an Oslyn.

            Oslyn’s are warriors trained to hone their minds and bodies to peak performance, making them some of the most masterful fighters on the planet of Tarune. For centuries, the Oslyn have been charged with protecting the Known Kingdoms, maintaining balance and negotiating treaties between aggressive counterparts.

            Now that his five-year training as an Oslyn cadet is complete, Corwyn finds himself on his Testing Year. This is the year in which he gets to enter the world, to see whether the life of an Oslyn warrior is truly meant for him.

            Using the Testing to return to his homeland, Corwyn’s desire to find and reconnect with his brother is unexpectedly interrupted. He is set on a mission that will push him to his limits, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Only time will tell if Corwyn’s training as an Oslyn will serve him well, helping him to carry the heavy mantle of duty placed upon him.