Height: 5’11’, Weight: Incorporel
Birthplace: Carod Mountains, Aldara
Preferred Weapon: Justice Spear
Preferred Spell: Temporal Displacement

Caiya was born in a time when the magics were one. There was no division of the different schools as is known now. Instead, the Magi were capable of wondrous discoveries and achievements. True, there were differentiations in the magics, but nothing compared to the state in which the magics are now torn.

            Caiya lived in a time when the magics were capable of feats beyond comprehension. In this time, Caiya was viewed as a master amongst masters. Her skills as a Magus were recounted in tales of amazing accomplishments. She was known as a great Magus-warrior. She was at the forefront of many battles, defending the honor and station of those who were often too weak to defend themselves.

            Chiefly, her work and breakthroughs in the arts of temporal control and displacement opened pathways of thought and experimentations that had otherwise been considered impossible.

            What does this heroine of the past have to do with the future of the world of Tarune? What secrets does this ancient Magus hold that could sway and affect the modern world? The voices of the past cry out, but will they be heard in time to impact the future?