Crispin Claxis

Height: 5’4″, Weight: 166 lbs.
Birthplace: Locksdale Foothills, Canodria
Preferred Weapon: Spell casting
Preferred Spell: Orb of Light

Being the grandson of a Grandmagus has its advantages. Noble birthright, large fortune and lavish creature comforts were the blessings that Crispin Claxis, grandson of Grandmagus Prespertin Claxis, enjoyed to great degree. In fact, he relished them so much that he was effectively on his way to becoming the next in a line of Canodrian nobles whose only real job was to ensure that the upper-class never had to mix with the lowborn commoners

            Fate interceded, however, when the Life Spark of the Magics was discovered in Crispin, much to his utter dismay. His life of ease, advantage and luxury was interrupted as the School of the Soul came calling. Now, as a neophyte Necromancer, the hapless noble must trade his silken finery and easy days for itchy wool and difficult challenges.

            Having had his life turned upside down by becoming a neophyte was bad enough, but the road ahead will embroil him in a quest that would challenge the most skillful and experienced of adventures. Suffice to say, Crispin is neither skillful nor experienced. His easy life is over. Now, he just hopes to survive.