Dandridin Tanithgil

Height: 6’2″, Weight: 170 lbs.
Birthplace: Whitelock, Sorilan
Preferred Weapon: Staff of Resounding Force
Preferred Spell: Blast of Emerald Sun

Little is known of the powerful Grandmagus that has not been lost to history or converted to legend. What is known is that he was born in Whitelock, the capital city of the kingdom of Sorilan. There, he rose to prominence as a Magus of world renown. First of the Court of the High King of Sorilan, Chancellor of the Free Realm and Bearer of the Opal Torch were just some of the accolades that Dandridin had earned as Magus and Chief Council to the Sorilander royal family.

            As an Oracle Magus of great power, Weavers heralded his foretelling and wisdom throughout the Known Kingdoms. His legendary status grew. Soon every nobleman and commoner throughout the realm could recount a tale of the legendary Oracle with the emerald-topped staff.

            That was what made his sudden disappearance so disconcerting. What happened to the powerful Grandmagus? If foul play befell him, who could have had the strength and skill to eliminate one so highly gifted in the magics? Over the centuries, that speculation gave way to the fancy of storytelling, and his legend faded to distant myth. What did happen to the powerful Grandmagus of Oracles, who disappeared so long ago?