Height: 5’1″, Weight: 100 lbs.
Birthplace: Medlin, Canodria
Preferred Weapon: Dagger/Spell Casting
Preferred Spell: Illusory Deception

There are many beautiful portions of the grand southern city of Medlin. However, as with any major metropolis, there are also places of corruption and danger. For a child without a home or family, the streets and shady underworld create a hostile environment.

            It was into these difficult surroundings that Dolthaia was born. The Canodrian capitol did not offer her the comfort of a major city, but rather, forced her to adapt and become street-wise and mature far beyond her youthful winters. Her small frame, quick wit and deceptively fast hands helped her quite well as a pickpocket and minor thief, doing whatever she needed to in order to survive.

            It was not until she was discovered to have the Life Spark of the Magics within her that her life took a turn that was in any way promising. Now, she is seeking the answers to troubling questions, searching for a truth that may never be found. She will be forced to use all of the skillsets the streets taught her and more if she is able to survive what lies ahead. The streets of Canodria were indeed a dangerous place, but they pale in comparison to the multitude of dangers yet to come.