Height: 6’3″, Weight: 221 lbs.
Birthplace: Nastria, Talustrian Isles
Preferred Weapon: Double longsword/Crossbow
Preferred Technique: Double dragon forked strike

Enji was born in Nastria and called the Talustrian Isles his home until Master Benjen himself came and discovered Enji’s latent talents. The Glass Tower has very few Oslyn that hail from the islands, and Enji is definitely the most accomplished of that group.

            Reared in a loving family, Enji was hesitant to leave his home, but he took on the challenge with his typical focus and commitment to excel, and excel he did. He now holds the rank of Oslyn Chancellor-major, the rank immediately below Oslyn Master.

            Lethal with his crossbow from distance, his skills as a swordsman set him apart. He utilizes the rare double-sword techniques favored by the Talustrian warriors. With a sword in each hand, he is a devastating force on the battlefield.

            Well versed in tactics and strategy, his skills have earned him many well- deserved accolades. As the Known Kingdoms move toward war and the darkness spreads, his skills will be called to task in a major way. The Known Kingdoms will need the Oslyn now, more than ever. Destruction is at their doorstep.