Height: 6’0″, Weight: 201 lbs.
Birthplace: Silverton, Aldara
Preferred Weapon: Saber with spike covered pommel and Mace
Preferred Technique: Jab-cross combination

Eryk will admit that he is a usually a scoundrel, often a drunk, always a fighter and occasionally a thief. He will also admit that these are his best qualities. Born in the border town of Silverton, in the Nortgard Forest, Eryk was taken at a young age to the town of Tanner’s Landing, to live with his grandparents. When they passed, he found himself alone, struggling to survive until he realized that his athleticism gave him a pugilistic advantage.

            Eryk could, and often did, knock men twice his size unconscious with his well-timed and wicked punching combinations. This skill set gave him some clout with the street toughs and rogues that called the Nortgard home. He became a bouncer, a sword for hire, on occasion a bodyguard; pretty much anything that involved a tussle also involved him.

            His prestige as a fighter grew in the underground circles. As he roamed the northland, he eventually came across a huge force of nature that would become one of his closest friends: a giant of a man known as Rogen.

            Eryk may call himself a scoundrel, but he has the seeds of greatness within him. Only time will tell if that greatness can be manifest in time to make a difference in a world on the brink of war. Who will win out, the scoundrel who has learned to take care of only himself, or the hero that the world needs him to be?