Height: 5’10”, Weight: 170 lbs.
Birthplace: Longshire, Aldara
Preferred Ability: Wind Song
Special Talent: Manipulation

Gascon has always appreciated the finer things in life. Perhaps appreciate is too weak a word; he has always coveted the finer things. Born to a family of modest wealth in the Aldaran capital of Longshire, Gascon found at an early age that his good looks, flair for theatrics and ability to sing brought him attention and adulation. As his voice matured, he found that his skills brought him far more than he could imagine.

            Gascon became a performer of incredible skill. His plays and concerts always showed to packed houses. As his fame grew, so did his ability to get the finer things. When his talents surpassed his family’s modest means, he left them, moving on to greater stages. It was then that the Weaver’s Guild found him.

            Weavers are storytellers of incredible renown. Not only that, Weavers have a special brand of magics that not even the Magi of the Four Strands can command. The Weavers control the Wind Song. Thus, they control the very flow of information itself.

            Gascon’s talents made as strong an impression on the Weavers as they did on the audiences who watched him. He rose through the ranks, becoming a Herrod of the First Order. It is a position below only the Great Muse in terms of authority.

            The finer things are now his. However, his covetous nature knows no bounds. The danger to the Known Kingdoms is what he truly covets now…power. What plans does this devious Weaver have for the future of Tarune?