Height: 6’2″, Weight: 233 lbs.
Birthplace: Velhadris, Morilan
Preferred Weapon: Bastard Sword/Composite Longbow
Preferred Technique: Spinning cross diagonal strike

Any youth born in the Kingdom of Morilan, especially in its capital city of Velhadris, who exhibits any martial skill at all dreams of becoming a Viper. The Viper’s Legion is known throughout all of Tarune as creating the most vicious, dangerous fighters in the world. It is a point of pride and honor for a family to have a child who is strong enough to become a Viper’s Legionnaire.

            That is what makes Logan so unique. Born in Velhadris, he demonstrated from a very young age that he indeed had the fighting ability to become a dreaded Viper. However, he also had the ability to center his focus on his Heart’s Eye, that place of deepest concentration where mind, body and spirit meld into one. With that discovery, the Oslyn of the Glass Tower soon came calling.

            It is rare that the Oslyn ever search for cadets in Morilan, for Morilanders generally regard Oslyn as the weaker stepchildren of the Vipers, as far as warriors are concerned. Logan’s potential was enough to bring the Oslyn Masters to Morilan.

            Logan established himself as an expert in both the longbow and the sword. He demonstrated viciousness in battle that spoke directly to his Morilander bloodline. He also demonstrated wisdom beyond his years, and the ability to know when to unleash his fury and when to settle a disagreement with diplomacy. As war looms imminent, all his skills will soon be put to the ultimate test.