Mama Weaver

Mama Weaver

Height: 5’2″, Weight: 95 lbs.
Birthplace: Bronell’s Ridge, Therid
Preferred Weapon: Dradar
Preferred Spell: Wind Song

Mama Weaver was a legend among legends – and for a Weaver, that is truly saying something. Gifted with rare beauty and an even rarer singing voice, Mama Weaver entertained the masses throughout the Known Kingdoms. In her heyday, she was so popular that her acceptance of performance invitations bestowed considerable political clout to whichever noble house she chose to grace with her presence. Monarchs vied for her attention, and it was even whispered – and rightly so – that a war almost began because of her.

            That is what made her disappearance all the more mysterious and unusual. As she got older, she became more eccentric. Instead of living the life of high luxury to which her station entitled her, she became reclusive. She left the grand halls and civilization of the southern kingdoms for the wild reaches of the northland.

            She moved from Dalisport to Lac Culith, Longshire to Duntheir, but never really seemed to settle. She gave fewer performances, as she got older, and with each one her behavior seemed to become more erratic. Then, she disappeared. There was some speculation as to what happened, but, for the most part, people believed that this once great Weaver succumbed to the ravages of an aged mind.

            What made her disappear? Why did she give up the grand life of a world famous Weaver? Why did she turn down the aid of the Healers who offered to help her, as she grew older?

            Few, if any, can answer those questions. It is rumored that she still exists, roaming somewhere in the wild northland that she ultimately called her home.