Height: 5′ 10″, Weight: 114 lbs.
Birthplace: Gren Vale, Medioc
Preferred Weapon: Spell casting
Preferred Spell: Shadow Dominion/Fury Skull

Niantha is part of the Dark Trinity of Necromancers who stand immediately below the Lord Cartigas in power and station. Known as the Mistress of Shades, her Necromantic abilities flourish in the summoning and dominion over Shades, wicked spirits that she is able to control and bend to her will.

            Few Necromancers have that ability. That, along with her thirst for power, has helped her climb to prominence in the Necromantic ranks. Quite simply, she hates the living. She feels as though life is the real darkness. Our mortal shells keep us from the true power that awaits the dead.

            This view was magnified by her upbringing. Daughter of well-to-do merchants, she saw early on that most people looked at money as power. Those who had the funds had the capacity to rule. When the Life Spark of the Magics flared within her, she quickly found out what real power was.

            Now, she detests all the trappings of life, for she has found what she feels is true power. Who needs to control money when you can control death itself? Niantha wants those who covet wealth and life to bow in servitude. With Lord Cartigas, she plans on unleashing her might, casting the world forever into her shade.