Height: 5’9″, Weight: 247 lbs.
Birthplace: Nortgard Mountains, Aldara
Preferred Weapon: Enchanted Hammer/Spell casting
Preferred Spell: Mystical Forging/Weapon Enchantment

Remus is a Battle Magi known as a Weapon Master. His incantations and enchantments are focused on the forging and construction of weapons and armor. Naturally, Weapon Masters are sought after by anyone with even a semblance of a militia, and they make a good living at their trade. Magical weapons and armor are rare, powerful ones are even rarer still.

            Remus is a Weapon Master who is untouched in skill. His creations extend far beyond mere enchantments of swords or shields. His skills harken back to the First Age, when weapons and armor were possessed of almost miraculous abilities.

            Getting one of his weapons, though, is another matter entirely. To say that he is abrupt, coarse and downright rude would be defining his temperament mildly. Even so, the quality of his creations is without equal.

            Humanity will need all the help that his magically forged implements of battle can provide. The Known Kingdoms must hope that this gruff Magus can be convinced to come to their aid.