Height: 6’5″, Weight: 224 lbs.
Birthplace: Longshire, Aldara
Preferred Weapon: Spell casting
Preferred Spell: Spiritual Whip/Grimborn

Ronulen is one-third of the Dark Trinity of Necromancers that stands below the mighty Lord Cartigas. Ronulen is intelligent, cunning and devout in his zealous belief that the Necromancers hold the key to true salvation for all of humanity.

            More a disciple of Lord Cartigas than mere student, Ronulen proved at a young age that the mantle of power fit well on his broad shoulders. Handsome, a rare trait among the dark Magi, he was quickly promoted to serve as an emissary for many Necromantic causes. People were quickly taken by his bearing and presence, and he did much to further the understanding and acceptance of Necromancy among the common people.

            However, his real gift, the one that raised him to such Necromantic prominence, is his rare ability to control the magics of the Grimborn. Those are the ancient incantations that can create the horrific might of the dread Grimward. In point of fact, only Lord Cartigas stands above Ronulen in the ability to control those foul magics.

            Ronulen will stop at nothing to see the Necromancers claim their rightful place as rulers of the world of men. Which means, he will stop at nothing until he has found the Pride. He is a dangerous man of singular purpose. Men like Ronulen are rightly feared.