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Hey guys! Caiya here!

Today, I am going to show you a work from someone in an underwater village.

It was washed up from the beaches and found by another child, which was traded for some bacon (I don’t really blame him) to a butcher, which was sold to a merchant, which was sold to a Necromancer, then it was looted from the Necromancer and the Necromancer got killed. It is now in a museum.

Yes, this paper in a golden bottle is expensive and has gone through a lot.The thing that has been through so many hands. Let’s read it, shall we?


200 Winters after the Battle of Miliarkei, we still suffer from the loss of so many warriors and friends.

But today, we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of winning the Battle. We will feast and give praise to the King Diamtrius, our kind, noble ruler.

In a hundred years, it is prophesied this paper will be in a museum, after undergoing a series of trades.

The future is near, fellow comrades.

Yay! Short, yet sweet post for today.

Stay posted!

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