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Here’s a quick story about a spirit who lurks the woods…

There is a place in the Known Kingdoms, in a kingdom called Daldra, called the Crying Wood. It is a sad name, isn’t it? That is because it is a sad place. It is a forest that borders the Kyldsong Mountains. Few people enter that forest. Even today, the ghosts of loss haunt that land.

A long time ago, as the story goes, an orphanage on the outskirts of the Crying Wood was attacked by a band of thieves. The horrible attackers set fire to the orphanage, burning it to the ground. All the children escaped, thanks to the bravery of the monks who looked after them.

Pursued by the heartless thieves, the monks led the children deep into the forest. Wanting to leave no trace, the thieves attacked. No one from the orphanage survived. But something happened that day. That wicked act awoke something deep within the woods. It awoke something ancient…a spirit of vengeance.

Only one of the attackers made it out of the forest. Crying and terrified by what he had seen, he turned himself in to the local authorities. He was young, but his hair had gone white with fear. He had lost his mind, screaming about the ghost who lurked in the trees.

From that day forward, anytime someone would enter the woods, they would hear the sound of children crying as the wind would blow through the trees. That is how the place got its name. Some travelers have reported seeing sad little faces staring at them as they moved through the woods. Everyone senses a presence there. It is the vengeance of the Crying Wood, the protector of the place of such sadness.

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