Caiya’s Blog: The Un-magics

Hey guys!
So last weekend I went to a live event selling merchandise, and I had a lot of fun. It was at my carnival, and the atmosphere seemed almost… magical.
There are a few main types of magic:
Dark magic
Light magic
Possibly love, if you think so, but there are more than that.
There are:
Mischievous types of magic – to cause mischief.
Ex: Loki from Norse mythology
Relaxing types of magic – to relax one’s mind.
Ex: mind tricks, meditation
Phony types of magic – the types of magic that you can possible do, and find the way someone did it.
Ex: card tricks, slight of hand, illusions
So, those are the main of the un-main magics. Short post today. I like to mix things up.
Stay posted,

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