Good and Evil take many forms.


Good and evil take many forms. Some are clear cut and easily definable, others … not so much. As it is in life, so too is it in fiction. Often, what we see as clear cut becomes difficult to define. It is not only the protagonists that require development and depth. Indeed, were it not for the depth and multifaceted dispositions of our favorite villains, our greatest stories would be vacuous and devoid of any interest or tension. Today’s deleted excerpt is from book 2 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Tides of War. It deals with a main character, but this excerpt focuses on one of our antagonists. We hope you enjoy this, as well as the ultimate form this scene took in the book.


It would be a horror beyond imagining for a man to have a Shade at his back. Lord Cartigas was no ordinary man. His power in these dark chambers was absolute.

“My dominion over you is complete, as I want your answers to be. Or, should I make you a more garish display of my power?”

The Shade knew well what Cartigas meant by a “garish” display of power. Cartigas had the power to send the Shade into a torment beyond any suffering imaginable to the living, and would do so without a second thought. It needed to remember that Cartigas was no ordinary Magus.

To be a Shade meant to exist in torment. However, it was a far better existence than what awaited the evil soul in the planes beyond. Were this any other mortal, the Shade would have burned its flesh. That would have been only the beginning. Lord Cartigas was not just any mortal. The Shade knew that all too well.

Necromancers’ Pride ~ (deleted excerpt)


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