Here’s to family!

Family brings with it its own set of interesting dynamics. Some brothers, for example, spend the entirety of their time together insulting one another. However, let someone outside the family insult one of them and watch out! Sisters bicker with and befriend each other more often than a daytime soap opera. Mom and dad both have their own ways of meeting out justice, while kids employ what they feel are unique strategies to get mommy and daddy to give them what they want. Spoiler alert kids: Parents know exactly what you are trying to pull because we tried the same things when we were your age. And no, they didn’t work then either. 

Add cool uncles, crazy aunts, funny cousins, eccentric grandparents and cute grandchildren (and don’t get me started on in-laws) into the mix and you have a recipe for, well … life. Plan and simple, life with family is wild. It is frustrating, annoying, enraging, uplifting, hysterical, ingratiating, enriching, loving and wholly and completely unique to everyone. Why do I bring this up? Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with my mother. When she wasn’t telling me that I needed a haircut and that I really should call more, she was giving me some amazing insights on how our relationships affect us and how each one needs to be approached uniquely.


I reflected for a long time on her words … and yes, I could probably use a trim. It became apparent to me that in our writing, our relationship with not only our characters but with each novel as a whole is unique and must be approached as such. After the successful launch of Tides of War (THANK YOU, our amazing readers!), D.W. and I are working hard to bring book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, Storm of  Shadows, to life.

With Quest for Elderstone, the release was much like giving birth, minus the pain and hospital bills. We were thrilled at the newness of the experience and reveled in seeing our world and creations become fully realized. With Tides of War, the feeling was one of pride and accomplishment, like seeing your child achieve an impressive milestone. It still felt amazing, but it was different. It was a good different. As our world grows, I realize that we are growing with it. With each book, we were at different stages of our lives. I feel like our writing expresses that maturation. I look forward to the journey we are now undertaking with Storm of Shadows. It will be an adventure unlike any other.

These books and the character there within are like family to us, unique and special. You, our readers, are also a part of our extended family. We grow based on your interest in our world and your responses guide us along our path. We thank you for being here with us and we look forward to entertaining you with many more adventures in the months and years to come. Now, I think I will go give mom a call.

How has your reading experience been with Quest for Elderstone and Tides of War? What do you find unique about the two books?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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