Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: The Planet Artifact

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The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: The Planet Artifact.

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

DISCLAIMER: All of the content in this seven part series are fictional like the rest of my content I have blogged about. I think these would be grand additions to Tarune, but are not an actual part of the world.

Today is part one of a SEVEN part series. I know I know that’s long, but I wish to create seven mystical wonders that are the anomalies of Tarune.

This magical statue formed over the course of time as most rock formations do. The Planet Artifact resides in the Burnt Mesas of Canodria and is hidden in a small canyon to the south of the mesas. This originated as a magical swarm of gravitational energy that spontaneously appeared. This magical, gravitational abnormality has a weaker pull. Due to its weak gravity field, it can only drag smaller rocks into its area. Through the decades, all of the sediments pilled up and created fossilized, magical rocks.

This has been a fascination of many commoners of Tarune due to its abnormal structure. The physical appearance of the rocks resembles a star and a planet. The “planet” rock has jagged marks on the surface that look like continents when observed. The “star” is larger than the “planet”. So people have compared this to astronomical figures because of the size scale of the two rocks. Many Magi from all four strands have tried to absorb some of its magical, gravitational energy and use it for themselves. They all have failed. This failure leads to the gravitational pull becoming too stressful for the body to handle, and the body collapses under the intense gravitational weight of the rock. Due to this, The Planet Artifact is a tourist site to prevent any magical confrontations from destroying an individual’s life.

Join me next week when part two of “The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune” continues.

I hoped all of you Priders out there enjoyed today’s blog and I’ll see ya next week! Bye bye!

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