The Warrior’s Call

In honor of Memorial Day, we want to take a moment to honor our veterans who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Below is a poem from General Walder Darkcross, chief commander of the cavalry element of the dreaded Viper’s Legions, written on the eve of the bloody and savage Battle of Velhadris. It was written to his nine month old son, whom he had never met due to his service to the Ivory Crown of Morilan. His son will never get to know his father, as General Darkcross fell in defense of the city.


Through steel and fire, our breath drew still,

Through memory and pain, the hardened will.

The field ever shimmers, with anxious repose,

Of impending cries, of invited throes.

Into this maelstrom, we gladly commit,

Full lives for glory, our payment remit.

No need to question, the answer at hand,

Brother to brother, we lie where we stand.

The outcome understood, the butcher’s bill rendered,

Every step gained, but never surrendered.

The cost fully known, into battle we ride,

The warrior’s call, we fall side by side.

We salute our warriors. We thank them for placing themselves in the path of danger in order to keep us safe. We honor those who have given their lives in defense of all the liberties we hold dear.

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