What’s the delicious secret of Thanksgiving?

Hey guys!

It’s almost Thanksgiving here, and in Tarune! Yes, even they have a lot to be thankful for. Even though some of us here, and there, aren’t in the United States of America, they still have some stuff to appreciate! Whether it be getting a good kill for the grand dinner to not dying that year, most of them celebrate.

So now, the most important part of the holiday (besides being thankful) is food! I shall write what food they eat, and if you like strange delicacies and have a good imagination, you can see what they look like! In your ~mind~.

image1 (15)

***************************************************************************************************** Traditional Appreciation Day Food (No Thanksgiving. Appreciation Day.) in Typical Tarune

  1. Roast Giant Boar
  2. Fried Hylandian Wild Horsegoose (Exactly what is sounds like)
  3. Cierilion Mashed Potatoes
  4. Merpeople Mayonaise (brought from the Great Harbour)
  5. Greenlake Cornbread (the corn is grown underwater in Greenbae Lake)
  6. Gold & Silver Wine (Gold and Silver converted into a food like substance and into wine)
  7. Firemelon Pie (also Watermelon, Earthmoth, Airmelon)

***************************************************************************************************** That’s all for now, guys.
Stay posted and Happy Holidays!


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